Why was Nola Skin Organics created?

Late Winter 2016 our owner, Jay Jones, received a spa kit for her birthday by a friend and it contained a bath bomb. One night she decided you use the bath bomb that was gifted to her and the next morning she realized she had suffered a horrible break out because of the fragrance oil in the bomb. So she decided to create a natural bath line that catered to men, women, and kids who suffer from different skin issues such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne, and etc. So Summer 2017, Nola Skin Organics was born.

Are Nola Skin Organics products only for women?

Nope! All Nola Skin Organics products are for men and women! Our focus is all about self-care and giving our customers a safe and relaxing time without the worries of breaking out or flare-ups.

Are Nola Skin Organics products handmade? 

Yes! Everything is made in the House Of Jones.

Are your milk baths, salted soaks, and soaps safe for kids?

Yes! We also have a kids line called Yummy Gummy Soaps made specifically for kids!